This site is dedicated to all the Allday & Alday families around the world. As time goes on, more Allday/Alday men will submit Y-DNA and join the Allday Y-DNA project on The more men who take the test the better the research which will be updated here as we learn more.

We know there are a number of historic Allday / Alday families around the world. For example, there are around a dozen different King's Decrees where Allday men are mentioned and these decrees spanned half a dozen Kings of England. There was the historic Captain James Alday who lived in South West England near Cornwall. The famous Allday & Onions LTD manufactured everything from cars to trains to bicycles and industrial equipment. These are just a few examples. Combined with documention, Y-DNA can help us pull much of this information together."

In the mean time, we will teach what we know and revise as we learn otherwise. Come join the fun with us.

Allday World Populations

We are attempting to grow a database of Alldays and Aldays around the world. We know that in the United States, the Allday and Alday variations are the same tribe. In historic documents, this name is spelled both Allday and Alday, and they are the same family. Take a look at the two graphs below - one for Aldays and one for Alldays. The Allday Y-DNA Project is on Want to Join in on the fun and learn more about the Aldays / Alldays from around the world and the historic people they connect to? Then submit your Y-DNA to FamilytreeDNA and then oin the Allday Y-DNA Project there. If you are interested in learning more you can email me at or call me at 334-414-0514.

Alday World Populations

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